China industrial cooperation productivity and distribution

A platform that has begun with the close cooperation of Chinese and Iranian producers as a joint venture in the Sirjan Special Economic Zone. On the one hand, Chinese investors such as manufacturing companies or commerce and, on the other hand, Iranian manufacturing companies or commerce are the main investors of this platform.

  • B 2 C

    B2C is business or transactions conducted directly between a company and consumers who are the end-users of its products or services(Read More)

  • Business Club

    Business Club is such a Family, We are Joint in here to care more about each other and try our best to help our members to have better deal

  • CICPD Industrial Park

    Cicpd Industrial Park is a place in the special economic zone of Sirjan in Kerman province, which was founded on the basis of a platform of the same name with the cooperation of the leading company of the Pishtaz Sanate Behsazan Vira Co.

china industrial cooperation productivity and distribution