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China Industrial Cooperative Production and Distribution

Iran Branch of China Industrial Production and Distribution Cooperative Company, which produces and distributes Chinese industries based on the idea of a one-road-one-belt platform in the Middle East region, using the local forces of each country.

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China - Iran Cooperative Production & Distribution

the CICPD Iran branch was started in 2018 based on the Philosophy of One belt-One road which does the jobs by using the local potential.....

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Global industry

The earth's planet is the home of all of us, and its resources are the resources for all the people who live it. We can use the planet's resources better for the welfare of its inhabitants through cooperation.

Regional Market

Think global and act regionally. Technology and its optimal use is not only belonged few countries, but it is also for all the nations of the world

Iran, a country with many capabilities

Smart people, a land of four seasons, abundant mineral resources, convenient geographical location, a safe bridge between the Far East and Europe

Active private sectors

No matter how small the capitals, when put together, can be running the wheels of the large industries, creating more opportunities for job creation and prosperity.