China Industrial Cooperation Production & Distribution

CICPD is Platform for help Chinese manufacturer to have more export or investment to abroad and Foreigners who looking for Chinese products or investment in china.

CICPD registered in Hong Kong but we have office in Guangzhou  City of Guangdong Province.

What we will be in future is a holding – platform company and we are going to expand our platform to whole the world.

What CICPD going to do?

1-    Help Chinese manufacturer for export their products to abroad

2-    Introduced new markets to Chinese suppliers

3-    Finding better solution for investment regards to one belt one road

4-    Making local R&D and sales team in destination

5-    Making local showrooms which don’t need Chinese manufacturer attend to any exhibition.

We work hard, and we work fast, while maintaining the quality and accuracy we’re known for. We bring out the best in each other, always inventing and reinventing.

You can do amazing work here. Our career development opportunities will give you every resource you need to reach your full potential but it’s up to you to make it happen.

CICPD is a Professional Platform which does connect decision makers to a dynamic network of Information, Suppliers, Buyers, and Ideas.

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